Developing Customized Maps from Excel Data

It is very important and meaningful to display the data in map rather than showing it in simple excel table.

Many a times, it is required to show the data on the map to have better visualisation and understanding.

By developing custom maps directly from the excel data is the most comfortable to do and have more impact and give better information.

For example, if you have state-wise or district-wise information on some parameters and you want to plot not only single parameter but want to see more parameters on single map, the customized mapping solution is best.

With the help of mapping tools, the excel data can be shown in meaningful way.

The sales data in above table can be plotted on the map and provide below meaningful insights for decision making.

The map prepared based on above excel data available at Tehsil level

Catg based on sales values

The price of map starts from Rs 5 per map.


Creation of All India custom map with State level classification

If one has State-level information and want to see the classification across all India to understand the pattern/endowment/availability etc., the custom maps will help you to make all the required maps with labels and legends properly.
With the help of custom map, you can see/show your output/result/outcome and provide in more understandable manner to the clients or management.
The sample all India Map with classification of States is given below:

Classification Map

The price of map starts from Rs 5 per map.

Customized Mapping Solutions

We at ‘The Map My India’ are passionate and dedicate ourselves to provide customised maps with an aim to provide its customers/researchers with mapping solutions, be it highlighting areas/ zones, plotting locations/ points of interest, small or big sizes, formal or informal styles, company logos, etc at very affordable rates.

You have the flexibility to choose from a range of sizes and resolutions for your requirements and specifications.

Your single point solutions for all mapping requirements; wherever, whenever, whatever…You want to plot, get yourself plotted!

Apart from being the best in digital mapping, The Map My India also provides the best-customized maps to suit your requirements. With a focus on your specifications, we provide the finest maps with optimum precision.


UP Map

The price of map starts from Rs 5 per map.